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Date: 10/14/2005

Flying Spaghetti Monster revival at UNC

A new pit preacher dressed in official FSM pirate garb was in the UNC Pit recently. Alex Mellnick, FSM Preacher, had his moments captured in pictures and in movies and in text as he spread the Pastafarian message.

Touched by his noodlely appendage indeed!

Along the way I learned that local Pit Preacher Gary Birdsong has an entry in Wikipedia and a picture gallery on ibiblio!

Being a Jones and the Jones of Being

In the beginning, everyone was named Jones. Everyone in the world. A Jones discovered fire. A Jones taught other Joneses to swim and to read and write. All was utopic.

But as time progressed people were not so nice. A killing happened. The killer was no longer called Jones. he was now Caine. At each crime, at each dispicable act, a person was deJonesed and forced to take other

Although there are still many Joneses there are also many who have fallen from their original Jonesian state.

Perhaps in time we will all reJones and all sentient beings will be saved. The first vow of a Jones states: “Sentient beings are numberless; I vow to free them.”

Potemkin Press Conference?

The various news outlets cover George Bush’s press conference via video hookup with US troops in Iraq very differently. NYTimes covers the conference as straight news without much commentary, but other outlets including ABC News and Washington Post carry an AP article noticing that the Bush Teleconference With Soldiers [was] Staged.

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