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Date: 10/15/2005


Steve and I were AIMing about the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He (Steve not the FSM) said he thought the FSM was like Cthulhu. I said I thought that the various Lovecraft monsters were frog-like and that HPL used a word beginning with BA to describe that froglikeness, but I couldn’t remember the word.

Steve later reminded me – batrachian!. I always think of HP Lovecraft when I hear or see that word.

Is it ethical to roll your own ethics?

Or are ethics tightly tied to ethos?
I tweeked Brian Russell a bit when he said that he didn’t subscribe to journalistic ethics. I’m not sure that Brian knows exactly what journalistic ethics is/are, but my accusing him of being without ethics (that is aethical not unethical) put him in a reflective mood. He’s now blogged a bit about the experience — and seems to still be in a quantry.

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