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Date: 10/21/2005

Edwardses welcomed to CHill/Cboro

Closer to being Carrborators than CHellians, John and Elizabeth Edwards were receiving a warm — even heated — reintroduction to the area (both went to Law School here and John is at the Law School now) from Orange Politics. Elizabeth Edwards has replied and is part of the OP community already.

Why doesn’t OP have TrackBacks?

1200 Problems spins reggaeton

Yugen reports that he and others from 1200 Problems will be spinning at Tallulah’s on Saturday night. Reggaeton will be in high rotation during his set (at least).
Will there also be perreo as well?

Myles Friedman in NandO OpEds

Long time friend, Myles Friedman has an OpEd in today’s News and Observer about Harriet Meirs’ nomination to the US Supreme Court, “Why Miers worries me so much”.


Flock, the FireFox browser with “social network” extensions, is out for testing. The upside is that you can post directly to most blogs from the browser w/o going to the blog web pages — unless you are me and have XML-RPC turned off because of earlier exploit attempts (that bug has been fixed but I didn’t bother to have XML-RPC support turned back on. Also you can go directly to for your shared bookmarks. You can add Tags. History is now searchable. RSS reader is fully integrated. And there are several other nice features.

You can get Flock from, your legal, reliable, authoratative, and persistent BitTorrent site as well as from the Flock site.

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