Coming to Ocracoke after about 18 months off island brings some surprises. First the Jolly is closed for Thanksgiving as is the Silver Lake Hotel which is part of the same enterprise. Next we walked over to the lighthouse and noticed that Albert Stryon’s Store is now a printing company. “No longer retail” reads the sign on the steps. Along the road on the point, the North Carolina Coastal Land Trustees have purchased some property and made a nice walk out to the inlet available. Along the way is the grave of Sam Jones who is seriously awaiting resurection. The rumor is that Sam is buried with his horse. At the blast of Gabriel’s trumpet, Sam will jump on the horse and ride to Glory. Teach’s Hole our favorite pirate store gave us a scare. They has a For Rent sign on their building. Our last trip they told us that their landlord was going to boot them and install a bakery in their place. Our waitress at the Pelican, where we had a grand Thanksgiving dinner, told us that Teach’s would be moving to the Main Road up across from the Variety Store.
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