Is not having all of your parts. So goes the chorus of the sing-a-long song from Capt. Rob Temple of the Red Sailed Schooner, Windfall, as he and his daughter led us all at the Ocrafolk Festival Thanksgiving Concert last night. The sold out show at the Community Center featured all kinds of local Ocracoke talent lead by the Molasses Creek folks — Fiddler Dave and Gary Mitchell. Lou Castro of Coyote added slide and dobro to a lot of the selections. Martin Garrish and his 80+ year old uncle Jule sang together. Donald Davis told a wonderful tale of deception over a red coat. Roy Parsons who is easily as old as Jule Garrish and then some played his famous single chord. Cheryl Roberts showed the crowd that a fiddle can be a violin and can play more than bluegrass (not that bluegrass is bad, but she def took us down a classical track with a bit of new Old Time tossed in).
This was a fundraiser for the upcoming 2006 Ocrafolk Music and Storytelling Festival to be held June 3 and 4 on the Island.