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Date: 12/18/2005

NC Boys Choir at Duke service today – video

Tucker’s cold was still with him so that we stayed home today instead of going over to Duke Chapel where he was to sing with the NC Boys Choir this morning. Luckily the show was video taped and can be played (RealVideo) from the Chapel’s website, so even though we missed it we can take it in. The mike placement gives some odd balance occassionally, but the boys sound very good.

NC Cultural Podcast

A few weeks back, the talented banjo player and NC Cultural Resources guy, Joe Newberry, dropped by to talk about podcasting from the NC Cultural Resources website. We chatted a bit and now some time later, the first podcast in online and ready for listeners. It’s interviews with the winners of the 2005 North Carolina AwardsBland Simpson, Randall Kenan, and others.

Wales tales – Onion and Reg

A quick reading of a couple of articles from the Register reminds me why the Onion is really funny and that the Register is merely mean-spirited and snarky.

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