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Date: 1/3/2006

Podcastercon on the Air (NBC 17)

Podcastercon organizer Brian Russell and I will be doing an interview with folks from NBC 17 on Thursday morning to be aired later that day or Friday. I hope we’ll be as interesting as the Israeli Owner-Dog Look-a-like contest piece that they ran tonight. A pug and his owner won. (Note: Sally and I and our salukis won a local owner-dog look-a-like contest some years back, but who isn’t glad to be indentified with a saluki!).

Don’t forget that Podcastercon is coming on Saturday!

And, Brian writes, the site is completely wheel chair accessible.

Poetry at the Golden Arches

Christopher Salerno of NCSU sends this evidence of Poetry at McDonald’s in Raleigh. Chris says “Down the street from my place last week. Donald hall’s worst nightmare. I couldn’t resist the photo op.”

My question did anyone go to this poetry event?

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