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Date: 1/26/2006

ibiblio banned in China?

Fred notices that while searches with retrieves over 7.6 million results. The same search on only returns 1.6 million.

Things do vary. I just got 4,220,000 for on and 1.6 million on (as Fred did).
But when I add tibet to the search as in tibet
at .com I get only 688 and at .cn I get 1,140!
I do get different result orders.
When I add mongol as in tibet mongol, at .cn I get 63 including one that reads:

Mongol-Tibet.Net is intended to cover things commonly related to the Mongol and Tibetan nations, people who are closely connected to each other, in many ways, along their history . There are some subsites which are on separate topics but are related to the main topic of this site. You will also find information on some other regions and people, especially the ones from Central Asia, who might somehow be related either to Mongolia or to Tibet. We would like to present certain concerns about the situations in Southern/Inner Mongolia and Tibet, whose people are suffering under the colonial rule of the People’s Republic of China. We would also like to provide information on the Uighur region, Burma and others.

David Galinsky killed by car

Sally writes about what little we know of David Galinsky’s death at the moment. He was crossing Fordham Blvd at Manning Drive as he tried to make his way to the UNC basketball game, as he had many times in the past, when he was hit by a very fast moving car last night.
David and his wife Maeda were our very near neighbors and good friends.

UPDATE: I see from my log that this entry shows up fairly high on Google Searches for David Galinsky. The News and Observer did a very nice article on David and his life on Friday January 27.
An obituary for David was in Saturday January 28th’s News and Observer.
There will be an informal gathering to remember David and his life on Sunday from 3-5 at the Galinsky’s house. A more formal memorial will be held later.

Sally took pictures at the informal Memorial for David Galinsky.

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