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Date: 2/9/2006

I love Adium

I had three different chats open when my son told me to shutdown iChat, gTalk and Gizmo and download Adium. Why? So I would only need one client to connect to all three services plus a local Jabber server. Those are all I’ve tested so far. He has MSN Messenger on his too so we know that works.
The client, Adium, requires a plug-in for Gizmo or as they call it an Xtra. I added Homestarrunner sounds (also an Xtra) and have turned off the other clients. I added the Aqua Plus Xtra to get the little Gizmo icon. Everything (icons, buddies, etc) moved over seamlessly.
Mac OSX only. Open Source. Community supported.

Blogging 101 with Anton and Brian

Anton Zuiker writes with this alert:

Join us for a technology teach-in. Learn about the history and development of weblogs, how to start your own blog in just 5 minutes, and how to read other blogs through theirnewsfeeds. We’ll also cover podcasts, wikis and other online communication tools. This free event is open to anyone who wants to learn about blogging. UNC staff Anton Zuiker and Brian Russell will lead.

* What: Blogging 101: Everything you need to knowabout weblogs, podcasts & newsfeeds.

* When: Tuesday, February 28, 12 noon – 1 p.m.

* Where: Health Sciences Library, Room 307-Biogen Classroom

* More Info: 919.966.2329 or

Can’t join us? Find local bloggers at the Chapel Hill Bloggers Meetup on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at 7 p.m. at 3CUPS coffeebar in the West End Courtyard.

Confusing Message and Messenger

Collegue David Carr points us to a Chronicle of Higher Ed article called “The Professor as Instant Message.” After 5 days, the link above will vanish, but Chronicle subscribers can find the article here.

although i was amused by the article i found it to follow a familiar script:
new teacher (or old) tries new tech (email, chat, bboard, sms, im, etc).
teacher has less experience than students.
teacher projects uses and behaviors on tech and tech users.
the users (students) already have a social standard for use.
teacher is amused and slightly flummoxed by the tech and the social construction of the tech.
teacher reports mixed results after recounting a few tales.

i’ll bet there is a comm tech theory that covers this but what is it?


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