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Date: 2/16/2006

American Romeo

Catching up on my State of Things podcasts. Now listening to an interview with Django Haskins of Old Ceremony, a band whose pop-noir is one of my fav sounds. Django is now playing “American Romeo” live (but recorded now) on the show. Now Django is singing in Mandarian Chinese, a song called “Bao Quin”.

I’ve written about Old Ceremony earlier on this blog explaining how Low Power – FM, sample downloads, MySpace and a local record store helped me discover the band, get to really like ’em and buy their CD as soon as it was available. I need to get out and hear them live.

Race and Roll for February

Tim Tyson talked with Frank Stasio on WUNC’s the State of Things on “Black History You Don’t Know” yesterday. I’m listening to the show via podcast [XML]. You can get it that way too or via download from the TSOT archives (hosted by Among other things discussed throughout: Why the Klan feared and fears rock and roll.

I’m Great and I Love Everybody

And I’m not alone in feeling that way. Kirk Ross points to this Washington Post article “A Study Finds Americans Unrelentingly Cheerful” which in turn points to this detailed report, “Are We Happy Yet?” from the Pew Research Center.

By a happy coincidence, one of the authors is named Cary Funk.

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