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Date: 2/18/2006

I’m Intimadated Already!

Kiyara the Intimadator from Hillsborough won best of Opposite Sex in the Miniture Poodle Bred at the Westminister Kennel Club Show.

You would think, if you knew the owner was a novelist, that the name would be spelled correctly as Intimidator. But then, when you see he wrote “The Bone Collector.” The plot of which stuns the mind of even the jaded Richard Ebert. “Bone Collector” is from an ongoing series on featuring Lincoln Rhyme, a paraplegic detective who can only move one finger. Deaver also appeared, not as writer but as actor, in “As the World Turns.”

I’m intimadated already!

Testing Lyceum

I have a test blog on Lyceum now; give it a try. And/or create your own.

Wreck at Harris Teeter U Mall

When we went into the HT, we saw moms and daughters selling Girl Scout cookies in the dry on the walkway. We already have six boxes so we went on in. On the way out the whole area was blocked by fire and safety equipment. A car was somehow sideways between pillars and onto the covered walk. Cookie boxes were all over. One mom, Elise Kelley was strapped down and getting oxygen. Around the corner, someone else was getting help. The situation was not a happy one.
Oddly, we heard nothing when inside the store. It all must have come about quickly and tragicly.
Chapel Hill has suffered several terrible accidents involving pedestrians lately. This one will I pray not end as others have.

UPDATE: News and Observer and Herald-Sun have brief stories on this.

UPDATE 2: News and Observer ran a more detailed story today (2/21/06).

Help Test Lyceum

Lyceum is ready for public beta testing. JJB has details on the ibiblog and in this mail message:

One of Ibiblio’s software projects is Lyceum, which is a multi-user, multi-blog derivative of the WordPress blogging engine. We are getting ready to formally announce the project and release the code at the end of this month. Before then, we are hosting a public beta test of the software so we can iron out some bugs and receive feedback. You can see the beta test here:

If you would like to try out Lyceum, the front page on that link explains everything. If you want to just poke around a bit and see what it’s all about, go for it. If you are a web/media/blog geek and want to create 5 test blogs, test every feature and every combindation of circumstances, and send us a torrent of bug reports and feedback, even better : )

You can send feedback, questions, and bug reports to:

lyceum-bugs AT lists DOT ibiblio DOT org

If you would like to discuss the project, you can either email me directly, or leave a comment here:

John Bachir
software architect, The Lyceum Project

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