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Date: 2/23/2006

Carnaval Brazilla – This weekend!

Heating up the town as we approach Mardi Gras. Mary Overby alerts us to opportunities to samba and more this weekend:

Friday Feb 24 8 PM – 11 PM
Live Brazilian Jazz with Eduardo DeSouza
Brasa Brazilian Steak House
8551 Briar Creek Parkway
Raleigh, NC

Saturday Feb 25 11 PM
NC Capoeira
at Talullas on West Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC
$5 Cover
Capoeira Demonstration and Brazilian Music DJ
CAIPIRINHAS (Brazilian Martinis)

David Galinsky Memorial – Feb 26

UNC’s Psychology Department will memorialize their former chair and collegue, David Galinsky who was struck down by a car on Fordham Blvd.

What: David Galinsky Memorial
When: Sunday, February 26 from 2 pm – 4 pm
Where: Auditorium of the School of Social Work, aka the Tate-Turner-Kuralt building
Parking: water tower lot (behind the Newman Center) and the Bell Tower lots.

The other Fedora (or is it the Real Fedora?)

Thorny Staples is here talking about Fedora which stands for “Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Architecture”. A more formal talk later today. Flexible. Extensible. Object repository scheme. Formalized workflow via Fez and Fedora. What about preservation asks the local library folks. Thorny talks about long term cooperation and planning for changes and helping develop standards. ITS guy talks of Forbes article on the importance of digital preservation.

From the Forbes article end:

The Internet Archive’s Kahle sees easy access to data as digital preservation’s ultimate rationale.”Access,”he says, “drives preservation.” As the issues get sorted out, the real achievement of digital preservation may turn out to be in collaboration with the World Wide Web–opening up heretofore hidden realms of information to the genealogists, historians, scientists, authors, musicians and videographers of today and tomorrow.

Dspace v Fedora. IR clients like Fez promoted. Different federated searches and indexes promoted.

What is Fedora’s culture asks Wallace. Thorny says folks who are already putting effort into websites and other repositories and had programmers on staff. A staff of say three using Fez could do a pretty good job says T.

Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories

Thorny’s public talk upcoming
When: Thursday, February 23, 2006. 3:30-4:30.
Where: Carolina (Student) Union, Room 3411

NC Press Talk – V1.0 Outline

Tomorrow’s talk outline without links (Sorry).

Beyond Blogs and Pods

GIS, Databases, Social Networks, Attention and the Obvious

The Obvious
Attention Economy
Deliver to phones and handhelds and cars
Deliver in new formats
Coming of Vblogs
Trust, Reputation and Feedback issues
More and more niche-media (Long Tail)


Phil Meyer was and is right — database journalism is still the future
Hyperlocalism by database aggregation
Helping readers access and visualize
Helping readers create, maintain and correct data
Distributing the data in a way that readers can create knowledge
Information sharing

Using Maps for local uniqueness
Google maps API for Gas Prices
Durham Police Area Crimes
Gov’t Facilities and Services (Orange)
Tax Maps and more (Wake)
NC OneMap Project
National Map . Gov

Social Networks
How does news get into a social network
How does news get out of a social network
What are the press relations to social networks
What are our ethical responsibilities to social networks

“Left of Center, Right at Home”

Roger Perry was Red-faced about being associated with Reds as insightful Lex Alexander proposed this slogan for Downtown Chapel Hill: “Left of Center, Right at Home”.
But to get seriously Left, you have to go to Carrboro ;->
Question on a related subject and on the post below: Does the Roomba Red make right turns?

Losing my tech edge

Jerry has a SchedulerI’ve always been a better observer of emerging tech than a consumer of it. This was brought home to me today when my collegue, Jerry Saye talked lovingly about his Roomba. Not his first Roomba but his second. The old one wasn’t up to what the new one can do and lacked in certain features like scheduling a cleaning whilst you are away.
Another collegue, Jeffery Pomerantz, bought his wife a Roomba for Valentine’s this year.Valentine's Roomba
We support a wonderful artist in part by having her clean our house. We also get to have her highly decorated car which is a piece of sculptural work parked in our drive while she cleans. It’s like rented a piece of art every two weeks — plus ending up with a clean house.
I did take Sally to Chicago and to NextFest where we saw the latest Roomba. One like Jerry’s new vac. We also saw Hubo and the Philip K Dick Android. We didn’t buy them either.

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