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Date: 2/24/2006

AdamC reacts to the Fedora talk

As International Man of Transparency, Adam C posts “Fedora: What’s in The Box?” and on the ITS Knowledge Management blog under the title of “An Open Source Digital Library”

Jones at NCPA

I used the slides that I said I would–here they are webified.
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Chris Roush of UNC on Blogs at NCPA

Chris RoushChris’ does TalkingBiz News blog. Asks who blogs in the newsroom. 2 types of blogs – portals and aggregators as one and opinion blogs as the other. “You have to offer the reader something new and not in the newspaper already” He loves the NandR Bizbuzz blog. Filling in beyond the news hole. A bit about Branding and the power of journalists at a branded newspaper blog. What tech do you use? He isn’t using a computer for his talk. The beauty of the blog is the simplicity. He’s only critic comment is no images — but he’s not right. He blogs at least one entry per day. 100o readers per day. Editing? Who edits it? Only one paperperson here edits blogs. He pitches for editing to avoid slander and libel etc as well as better clearer writing. He himself uses a grad student to edit his own posts [for content or for copy? – pj]. End of objectivism as opinion enters blogs? Is the the same as having a reporter be a columnist? What if a journalist is writing a story and using email to a source and then the source posts the ?s and responses on the web (in a blog). He talks about the Business Week case that’s on Chris’ blog. How do you manage your sources in this environment? Since so many of us are blogging what happens? [I do this of course — see several posts here – pj]. I wish I had he handout that Chris has given out. He’s talking about the place of opinion on blogs. He asks Elliot (a publisher) about his blog. E says he writes about a reporter conversation on his own blog (like the Business Week instance). Need to bring up Dan Gilmor. E says the everyday posting is important. Chris talks about paying bloggers. A bit about revenue streams.

Ken Rogerson of Duke on Podcasting at NCPA

He had one of the iPod grants at Duke a year ago. At this year’s debriefing, “there is no such thing as a regular iPod — now video iPod, Nano, etc” Are podcasting journalists? Complains about media overload. Now admits that he was once a reporter but then fell into academia. Trad vs New media. In which New means everything from Cable to using your Blackberry. Newspapers now do multimedia. Digital only and those that are mixed with physical. Salon now owned by WashPost which he says makes it have an offline component. A bit about a portal site like Drudge that aggregates (and comments on). Rather as having fallen to bloggers. Now on IndyMedia (hosted on What is news and are they reporters? A look at the Is Bill O’Reilly or John Stewart a journalist? Data smog complaint. A bit about the Yes Men with out naming them shows Now “Tuned Out” why college students don’t watch the news. Show IFRA news of the future from 2000.
98% of the podcasts aren’t news, he says. A bit on John Stewart.
Finally to podcasting. No headlines but news analysis. Podcasting just another tool. Wired (March 2005)’s End of Radio article [hee hee remember their Long Boom issue just before the .com collapse -pj]. Pitches branding and tech integration.

David Jarmal of Duke at NCPA

David is from the Duke New Bureau and is discussing RSS. He uses the personalized Google page with a lot of RRS feeds mostly of publications local and national. He points out that he doesn’t really go to the home pages of these publications, but that he builds his “personal newspaper.” Showing Charlotte Observer feeds page, NandO’s, WashPost, News and Record, etc. But now about personal publishing via RSS shows NCSU , UNC and Duke have feeds as does the NC Zoo. Next an aggregator. A mention of Tagging. Now about how Duke can use RSS to aggregate campus news sites like depts, schools, police etc.
Presenting about jobs and auto sales in the context of classifieds. Now and personal blogs. He pops over to NPR and UFla for podcasts, Eat Food, and University Channel (at Princeton).
Is News Free? A bit about branding and about how articles stand on their own. Faster news cycle. Not geo-constricted. Alternative content sources challenge but also collaboration.

Jones alerts Parents!

Well, not exactly if you read what I said and if the tape captured my tone. The little piece that I did with NBC 17 went live last night.
Some things are accuate ;-> Not my rank and title. The headline doesn’t actually match the story. But overall the right message is there (somewhere).
The basics are right. People put more on FaceBook that maybe they would if they thought about what they were doing. Parents should educate their children (not necessarily “monitor” them as the headline reads). The ALA has helpful guidelines.
Off to the NC Press Association.

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