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Date: 3/4/2006

Carolina Week’s SUV coverage on Good Morning America

Tom Linden alerts us that the ABC Good Morning America coverage of the Pit SUV incident comes entirely from Carolina Week (site hosted on ibiblio).

Occupation: Dreamland filmmaker dies

Garrett Scott was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his work on Occupation: Dreamland, but he won’t at the Awards. Thirty-seven year old Scott died in an accident at while visiting his family in San Diego on . I got the news by a phone call from Michael Galinsky who has been distributing Occupation: Dreamland. The film is scheduled to be aired on the Sundance Channel next month. We had a panel discussion here in the fall with Garrett taking part.

Open Earth Archive from BBC (if you are in the UK)

Anaconda swimmingBBC’s Natural History Unit announces The Open Earth Archive in which films from BBC nature shows are release under the Creative Archives License.

Viewers are encouraged to be remixers and recreators, to use the clips to make new and imaginative works and to enter the “Wild Card” competition (rules and instructions here).

But there is a giant downside to this plan. I tried to view a clip of an anaconda swimming and I got this message:

The BBC has decided to limit access to Creative Archive Licence Campaign content to UK residents to ensure best value for the UK licence fee. Users outside of the UK are not able to access clips and programmes that form part of this campaign. Regrettably we are therefore unable to offer you content and would like to apologise for any disappointment.

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