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Date: 3/7/2006

Blooker Short List on BBC

A quick entry on BBC noting that there are only two Brit finalists on the shortlist. One the diary of a London callgirl and one on very unhealthy food.

Coalition for School Networking in DC

I’m off early tomorrow to the Consortium for School Networking‘s 5th Annual International Symposium: Open Technologies: Issues, Exemplary Practices and Future Directions in Education. I’m not speaking at this one, but am picking up on the Open Tech issues for the next Symposium and the School of Information and Library Science’s part in that.

Jones to U of Penn Law

At the end of this month, March 31, I’ll be the kick off speaker at the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s symposium on Open Source in the International Marketplace: What the Open Source Intellectual Property Movement Means for the Developed and Developing Worlds sponsored by The University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Economic Law.
So there we have the theme. What should the contours of my talk cover?

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