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Date: 3/11/2006

Sally for Koufax Award

Sally won’t ask for votes, but she will admit to her blog’s being nominated for a Koufax Award in the State and Local Blogs category.

Phil Meyer on News Hour

Phil Meyer was one of several experts talking about the Knight-Ridder sale on the News Hour. Here’s the transcript and stream in case you missed it. Phil is the Knight Professor of Journalism.

Blooker v Booker

I love Bob Young’s gumption. True, I’m judging the Blooker Prize for his venture, but even if I weren’t I’d be admiring his take on how the Blooker will overtake the Booker (now know as Man Booker) in a few years (see the Telegraph UK for one particularly zesty Young performance).
As I look over the press, I see that the Brits love the Blooker. Or at least the Brit press seems to. Lots of coverage from the “small island nation” which has landed two blooks in the contest — one by a callgirl and one on Bacon Egg Chips and Beans.
I am waiting, by the way, for a contest for female writers called the Woman Booker Prize.

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