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Date: 3/17/2006

P2P Panel @ IP Symposium

The UNC-TV stream that is labeled Koleman Strumpf is actually a P2P panel chaired by Koleman which features John Buckman of, Gene Hoffman founder of, Ed Klaris of The New Yorker, Adam Toll of, Sam Yagan of eDonkey, Tor Hansen of Redeye Distribution and Yep Roc Records, and Roger McGuinn musician.

The attendees have a lot to say too. In this session, we hear from Robert Kaye of MusicBrainz, Cory Doctorow, Chris DiBona of Google, Roy Kaufman of Wiley and Sons, Laurie Racine of Center for the Public Domain, JJB of ibiblio’s Lyceum project and others I can’t identify just now.

It’s about a 2 hour stream with a bit of hollow sound, but well worth hearing what this wide variety of folks have to say.

Red Hat/UNC IP Symposium On Line Now!

Back in November, we had a gathering of experts on Intellectual Property, Creativity, and The Innovation Process sponsored by the UNC System and Red Hat. Andy Oram of O’Reilly did a great write up on the Symposium. UNC-TV taped and produced some of the talks which are streamed now from the UNC-TV site which also lists the talks and the agenda for the Symposium:

UNC Symposium on Intellectual Property, Creativity and the Innovation Process

First Lady Mary Easley and Matthew Szulik, CEO of Red Hat kick off the 2005 UNC Symposium on Intellectual Property, Creativity and the Innovation Process. Szulik and others from the corporate and educational arenas gather to discuss how technological advances affect copyright and how creativity and innovation foster social, cultural, intellectual, and economic growth. Other guests include James Boyle, director for the Center for the Study of the Public Domain, Edward Klaris, general counsel for The New Yorker, past UNC President Molly Broad, and others representing public domain laws.


Opening Remarks:
Mary Easley, First Lady of North Carolina

Opening Remarks:
Matthew Szulik, CEO
Red Hat

Four Ways to Ruin a Technological Revolution
James Boyle, Director
Center for the Study of the Public Domain

Koleman Strumpf
Associate Professor, Department of Economics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

When the Now is Too Long: How DRM & Old-World Copyright Fight the Future
Cory Doctorow, Novelist and European Outreach Coordinator, The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Symposium Wrap-Up – Matthew Szulik and Molly Broad

Panel Discussion at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law

Peppers + Chocolate = Good Health

In the latest health news, my favorite pleasures, hot peppers and dark chocolate, are being show to be very helpful for old men, like me. BBC (and a hundred other sources) report that hot peppers kill cancer cells in the prostate. At least in rats. The LA Times reprinted in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reports that chocolate especially the darker (and better) variety helps lower cholesterol and relax your blood vessels thus decreasing the likelihood of heart attacks. Mars is marketing a new bar called, CocoaVia, designed to get the good of chocolate to us all. (Haven’t tried this stoof. The nearest listed store with it is in Cary).

They had the right idea in Chocolat.

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