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Date: 3/18/2006

flying leprecun?

Before going out for Irish food last night, I made a joke to my son that we were going for Irish Sushi. That would be corned beef tied to a tatertot with a piece of kelp. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I just searched for “irish sushi” and found almost exactly that (see link above).

As it turns out, I wasn’t entirely wrong. We went to the Flying Burrito where I had the Mexican variant, the Flying Leprecun. What is a Flying Leprecun? Corned beef and cabbage in a flour tortilla with salsa on top served with tatertots.

Is there no end to cross-cultural fusions in food?

Car Crashes into Cafe in Carrboro

The new Open Eye became a drive-thru (or at least a drive-into) yesterday, when a Volvo didn’t stop in front of the cafe but blasted through the window. Luckily no one was hurt.
The cause was not unlike that of the accident a few weeks back that did hurt folks selling Girl Scout cookies in front of Harris Teeter; the accelerator was stomped instead of the break.

UPDATE: Sylvia reminds us, in the comment below, that Alan Garr and the New Hill Echoes will be playing at the Open Eye tonight. Drop by. See the damage. Hear the music. Drink the coffee.

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