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Date: 3/25/2006

Charles Edward Eaton (1916 – 2006)

Just learned that Charles Edward Eaton has died at age 89. I’ve delighted in Eaton’s poetry for many years. His relaxed formalism and his subject matter which is at once refined and sensual has been not only a joy but a guide. I found his “Work of the Sun” online tonight which while it does not show his favorite form — long relaxed lines rhyming in surprising ways — demonstrates much of his pleasures (and ours).

The first stanza of The Work of the Sun:

Verlaine said the poem slowly rises like the sun,
Spreads over the landscape, a bird that hovers,
Moves on to find and bless a pair of lovers:
The work of the sun is never done.

Charles Edward Eaton Obit in Chapel Hill News.

Wayne&Wax’ s talk (more or less)

Wayne Marshall‘s talk on Friday afternoon was partially (but not wholely) based on this paper he paper presented at Caribbean Soundscapes, New Orleans called “Mad Mad” Migration: Caribbean Circulation and the Movement of Jamaican Rhythm. There’s also a bit showing up on his blog.

Justin Watt wins Parody case (with ACLU help)

Justin and the parody
Former UNC student and current Californian Justin Watt received a cease and desist letter from Liberty Council representing Exodus International calling for Justin to remove an image from his Justinsomnia blog. The image a clear parody of Exodus’ billboards inviting uphappy gays to try to become straight. Justin’s mod invites unhappy straight people to become gay.
Justin, instead of ceasing or desisting, contacted ACLU. Justin’s new ACLU lawyers countered with a strong letter of their own [PDF]. Reports are that Liberty/Exodus has since backed off.
Additional coverage in USA Today and on

Roger safe; Byrds and Stones Warning

Roger McGuinn’s CDs on Amazon are all Safe, but the Byrds and Stones get a Warning that they are issued by RIAA members according to RIAA Radar.
Black Sweater, White Cat gives details on how to use FireFox, GreaseMonkey and RIAA Radar to give you an icon that indicates whether the CDs you are purchasing on Amazon are from RIAA members or not. Only takes a few seconds to install and works great.
Be amused and be an informed consumer. (Thanks Fred).

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