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Date: 3/26/2006

Blogger up for BBC Non-fiction prize

As if the Blooker Prize weren’t enough (it’s plenty but there’s room for more), a blook by an anonymous Iraqi blogger is on the BBC Four Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction. Baghdad Burning by Riverbend is in the final 19 for the 3000 pound purse. (BBC reports on itself).

I note that the Johnson judges are less distinguished than the Blooker judges ;->

Lyceum 0.20 is released

Lyceum logo
JJB announces a new 0.20 release of the ibiblio-developed Open Source Multi-User Blog Environment, Lyceum.
Test it here. Download it here. And be sure to sign on the mailing list for updates and let us know your experiences with Lyceum.

Lyceum is a multi-blog derivative of WordPress, suitable for installations with 2 or 200,000 blogs!

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