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Date: 4/6/2006

BBC needs a copy editor, Mr Scooter

Found at
at 9:57 EDT (US) and still there at 10:22 pm [Note site reads: Last Updated: Friday, 7 April 2006, 02:16 GMT 03:16 UK ]

Pre-trial court papers cite Lewis “Libby” Scooter as saying he was told to tell a reporter Iraq was “vigorously trying to procure” uranium.

Mr Scooter, former chief-of-staff to Vice-President Dick Cheney, is facing trial in connection with another leak.

He is accused of lying to prosecutors probing the naming of a CIA agent.

Former diplomat Joseph Wilson – husband of the agent, Valerie Plame – wrote a high-profile article in the New York Times in July 2003 casting doubt on a key White House claim about Saddam Hussein’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Mr Libby reportedly says in court papers filed on Wednesday that soon afterwards, Mr Cheney told him to pass information from the classified National Intelligence Estimate to Judith Miller, a New York Times reporter.

One more reason why I love Carrboro

The police are hip to It’s Carrboro and support it!

Southeast Electronic Music Festival – April 7 and 8

TJ alerts us all to The Southeast Electronic Music Festival taking place here in Chapel Hill this weekend April 7 and 8. The Fest is a multi-venue event with music at Avalon, NightLight, Fuse, Talulla’s, Local 506, and Penang.
Get out and dance.

Beyond Broadcast at Harvard

Looks like I’ll be a panelist at the Berkman Center‘s Beyond Broadcast confab May 12 – 13 at Harvard. Working on travel details. The Conference/Non-conference is subtitled Reinventing Public Media in Participatory Culture.
More news as it happens.

Linux Weekly News on Open Content

Glyn Moody did a nice piece in the Linux Weekly News on Gutenberg 2.0: the birth of open content. Amongst the paragraphs are good bits about the early ibiblio participation in cooperative creation of open content and support of Gutenberg.

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