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Date: 4/9/2006

Sally at Concert; Karen at Ohio; Fred at a different Ohio

Sally writes about the Roger Hannay Memorial Concert (I was there too, but she has a fine write up).
Karen keeps us up to date on the Ohio University Blogging Ethic Conference where she and Martin Kuhn were presenters.
Fred reports in via AIM from The International Digital Media and Arts Association and Miami University’s Center for Interactive Media Studies sponsored “< CODE > HumanSystems/DigitalBodies” Conference in Miami, Ohio.

Godzilla or Whale hits ferry in Japan

BBC reports that a ferry tragedy occured near the city of Kagoshima on the southern island of Kyushu when “the boat collided with a whale or another large sea animal.

Universal Digital Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Just turned in answers for an email interview with Christian Hall of .Net (UK). Most were about the Blooker, but there were also a few about blogging in general. One question got me thinking (see below). What if every bit of Free Software carried the Universal Declaration of Human Rights within it? There are versions in over 300 languages so it could be truly viral in a good sense, discovered and read worldwide.

+4: How can blogger’s rights be improved?

i wish there were a way for technology to somehow embed the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights in every piece of software produced. even more
so i wish that every country might live by the principles therein.

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