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Date: 4/10/2006

Blooker in Japan – Giant Monsters All Out Attack!

Just got a note from Kanae Hasegawa of J-wave about setting up an on-air interview about the Blooker and Blogs with J-Wave’s Jon Kabira on Good Morning Tokyo this Thursday evening at 19:20 (US EDT time/date). We’ll do about 5 minutes.

A bit about Granada

I’ll be heading to Granada Spain for the Wilson Knowledge Trust meeting the end of April. Just learned that we’ll be staying in the Hotel Vincci which does have WiFi so I can report in when not in the meetings.
Been reading Washingon Irving’s Tales from the Alhambra to prepare myself as well as his Conquest of Granada and re-viewing Carlos Saura’s Carmen (done as a Flamenco dance production story — it’s hot).

Blooker Bluzz Continues

A reprint of the Straits Times article on the Blooker by Lee Sze Yong is available at the Buzz.
A Press Release on the Blooker winner in the Comics category, Totally Boned, just hit Yahoo! News.
(Yes, I get a bit of ink in both).

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