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Date: 4/15/2006

Andy Ihnatko Cameo on NYTimes TV

Andy on NYTimes TV
NYTimes has started a video imbed on their newly redesigned home page. As I was checking out the funky little movie reviews, I also found Tech writer David Pogue’s Town Hall: The OS Wars. In this combo comedy/tech review, Pogue takes on questions about Apple’s Bookcamp. Suddenly there is Andy Ihnatko with a question via webcam. And not a bad question either. “Why will software folks keep on producing software for the Mac if every Mac can now run the Windows version?”
To see Andy and learn the answer visit the NYTimes FeedRoom and select Technology then David Pogue and look for Town Hall: The OS Wars. Sorry that the NYTimes makes it so difficult to get a single feed or to refer to it. Wait! Andy has a way that might get you there.

Two OSes? Why not three? and Why not the best?

ID writes: With Bootcamp, all my dreams have come true; I can run a crappy OS and a great OS on the same computer. But wait, with dual boot Linux/Win setups you could do that for years. And your great OS was even greater — well, it didn’t have the best interface but you really wanted command line anyway didn’t you?
The folks at have a wiki how-to for a Triple Boot via Bootcamp. Yes now you can have a crappy OS, a great OS with a great interface that’s not quite optomized for Intel yet, and the most wonderful OS with an interface that is getting better every day I swear.

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