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Date: 4/21/2006

Peter Kramer wins Kathryn Wallace Award for Artists in Community Service

When I get things settled down at ibiblio and I sneak off to write, I go to Peter Kramer and Susan Gladen’s farm and sit in the middle of their chicken yard. Peter, who cannot stop building small outbuildings, lets writers set up shop there.

Now Peter is recognized for his promotion of music with the Kathryn Wallace Award for Artists in Community Service from the Triangle Community Foundation.

I’ll let him explain, in his own modest way, further:

The judges were impressed by “Mr. Kramer’s ability to go on and on about musical esoterica, e.g., early 60’s soul music lyrics, well past the point where anyone is listening.” They also apparently took note of my musical skills: “Mr. Kramer never met a jazz chord he could play. He hasn’t listened to any new music since 1972, which he blames on hanging out with the same people he knew in 1972…”

Seriously, though…..I really won the thing, which comes with a small cash award that will be thrown back to some favorite groups like Lynden Harris’ Hidden Voices theater project at the ArtsCenter, Jude Reitman’s Women’s Prison Writing and Performance Project, the Education Foundation for the Orange County Schools, the Hillsborough Arts Council, and Tribes Magazine. All of you have been partners with Susan and me in a variety of ventures, which should continue until we’re dragged kicking and screaming off stage and the written page

Slate Eds on Arts Online – April 26

The J-School sends this alert (I’ll be in Granada — Have I said that enough? — but it should be very good):

What: How the Internet is Shaping Culture: What’s different about the arts in the online age?
When: Wednesday, April 26, 6 p.m.
Where: Carroll Hall 11 (in the “Garden” level)
Meghan O’Rourke, Slate’s culture editor.
Bryan Curtis, who writes Slate’s “Middlebrow” column and is Slate’s deputy culture editor.
Seth Stevenson, who writes Slate’s “Ad Report Card.”
Tim Wu, who writes on culture and legal issues for Slate and is a law professor at Columbia University.

Winer on Stepno on Rocketboom on Winer

Got that? Try it in reverse.
Dave Winer has a lot to say.
The folks at Rocketboom interview him and do a bit of editing.
Bob Stepno reports on the result.

Then Dave reports on Bob reporting on Rocketboom interviewing Dave.

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