We’ll be uptown in front of Aladdin’s Restaurant on Franklin today for the Apple Chill Street Fair. Tucker’s Odyssey of the Mind team will be selling drinks and raffle tickets (You could win an iPod Nano) there to raise funds to help pay for their trip to the Odyssey of the Mind World Competition in Ames Iowa at the end of May.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Apple Chill. In part because I’m both attracted and repelled by large crowds. And Apple Chill is large — not as large as Halloween, but large. Every year folks who avoid crowds and the Chill tell me how it used to be so much better, but thinking about it myself, I don’t think so. The Chill has certain appeal for people of different ages. The meeting and hanging out factor. The entertaining the kids factor. The excuse to eat bad for you fair food factor. The love and hate of live music factor — I love the energy, but the mix and tuning is never worth a poop especially at the street fair level of presentation. I have all the pottery I need — or do I? Let me just take a look.

The weather is beautiful and we’ll be out there in a few hours.