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Date: 5/2/2006

It’s Carrboro – The Mix, The Remix, The Video, The Website

It’s Carrboro – the unofficial official rap de Carrboro – has it’s own website from which one can find out what is up with the song, can download mixes and make remixes, can download the song and even a ring tone, can learn about the video and more. Yes It’s Carrboro is released under a Creative Commons license.

Beyond Broadcast at Berkman

I’ll be up in Boston next week for the Beyond Broadcast conference held by Harvard’s Berkman Center. The schedule looks great. I’m on a panel called:

What the emerging participatory web media services are doing

* This is a panel of ‘web-only media’- emergent participatory and social media entrepreneurs. This is a vibrant and growing field with new entrants seemingly coming ever day. From Our Media to YouTube, Odeo to BrightCove, Conversations Network to Global Voices – people are using new media to facilitate citizen participation not just through text and blogging but now with digital audio and video. Is this the future of public media? What are the opportunities for cross-pollination with public broadcasting? What is the nature of this ‘third zone’ of media that is not quite commercial or noncommercial, public or mainstream?

Panelists include; Lynne D. Johnson (videoblogger), Bill Gannon (Yahoo!), Paul Jones (ibiblio). Moderator: Peter Armstrong (

I’ve also proposed a Birds of a Feather discussion for Friday night’s dinner to extend the conversation called something like: Brainstorm: What technologies and practices will define the next media revolutions?
Which I describe thusly:

Some of this will come from the discussionn by the panels, but others will not have had time to gestate and will need to be made clearer in discussion with others who are passionate and imaginative. Not just tech. Not ideas without tech. But the interaction of personal, social and technical. But what? Bring your opinions and your guesses and your visions.

So if you’ll be in the Cambridge area come on by the conference and sign up for the BoF dinner. We’ll talk and–more importantly–listen.

Also if you have ideas on what should not be left out on the panel or at the BoF, let me know and I’ll do my best to get your ideas and concerns heard.

Poet’s Revenge

Fredrico Garcia Lorca was fast becoming the best poet and playwright from Granada and from all of Spain when the fortune of Spain took a spin toward right wing revolution and civil war. The local “Black Squad,” Falangists of the worst sort, executed Lorca for being a leftist, a homosexual and a poet in August of 1937.

But time takes it’s turn and after years of no Lorca in Spain but much Lorca elsewhere, Granada has been celebrating Lorca with parks, festivals, play revivals and museums. At the South end of town, there is a lovely city park with a Lorca Museum, but more true to the spirit of Lorca the park has become a new beach. There the young people of Granada bask in the sun in a celebration of youth and of life among the tall trees and flowers.

There were even children’s books about Lorca for sale in the various tourist shops all over Granada and in the airport at Madrid.

No where did I see a monument to the Falange or to Franco. But there is still an active Falangist Party in Granada. For some reason they “black out” the eyes of many of the people on their own website.

Vote Today

I may be in the wrong timezone still at least particially, but I did go vote today for judges and for the Orange County Commissioners. You should to.

Granada Gap

Between meetings, lack of internet connectivity in the Collegio Mayor Cardinal Cisneros, travel and wandering about in Granada, not so much got posted in the past few days. I’m updating the pictures now at the same location rather than doing sets.
I’ll catch up by writing as/after I catch up with work etc.

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