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Date: 5/4/2006

The Watcher Returns in Marvel’s Civil War

Whose Side Are You On
The Marvel world is split in two. Billionaire industralist Tony Stark aka Iron Man is pushing for strong security to the point of putting other superheroes in Gitmo-like prison. Captain America is all about defending civil liberties and freedom for the heroes. What brought this Civil War, as the new Marvel series is called, on?

According to Wikipedia:

“The story opens with a reckless fight between the New Warriors, filming a reality television show, and a cadre of villains in Stamford, Connecticut. The battle goes awry for the heroes, resulting in villain Nitro creating an explosion that takes out a local school, the surrounding neighborhood, and all but one of the New Warriors. This event crystallizes a government movement to register all super-powered beings as living weapons of mass destruction.”

The most interesting reappearance to me is that of the Watcher. The Globe and Mail reports that Dr. Strange will explain: “He [The Watcher] only appears to record moments of great change and enormous upheaval. His presence now does not bode well.”

Chick Lit? The good and the bad and the inappropriately dressed

Bridget Morton writes to the Warren Wilson grads list that she has come to appreciate romance writing, that romance is the largest selling genre, that romance deserves NY Times reviews if ever mystery does, that romance seriously and sometimes humorously challenges the patriarchy, that reading romance makes you thinner, that romance …

Of course I agree. Most people don’t realize this but I was actually a romance cover model and the author of a couple of romance novels (with a friend) under my nom de chest exposure, Fabio.

Open Source Software for Public Health

In a conversation a minute ago with some one who asked “If you wanted to run a Public Health Department on Open Source Software, what would you use?”
Other than Linux as the servers and maybe Ubantu desktops, I was stuck. I’ll be looking for answers, but if you have any suggestions — particularly those that are specific to public health systems — please let me know.

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