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Date: 5/6/2006

Beyond Broadcast at Harvard’s Berkman

I’ll be up in Cambridge MA at the end of the week for the Berkman Center’s Beyond Broadcast conference. If you’re going to be there, let me know and consider signing up for the Birds of a Feather Dinner Discussions.

The one with me as convener is:

“What technologies and practices will define the next media revolutions?”

Some of this discussion will come from the discussionn by the panels, but other ideas might not have had time to gestate and will need to be made clearer in discussion with others who are passionate and imaginative. Not just tech. Not ideas without tech. But the interaction of personal, social and technical. But what? Bring your opinions and your guesses and your visions

* Cambridge Common – 1667 Massachusetts Ave. and Lizard Lounge

Some interesting folks have already signed up, so’s we’ll have a great discussion I’m sure. I want to learn more about dotSub and about SecondLife’s future thinking (for example).

UPDATE: All the seats at my table are now filled up. There is still room on the waiting list tho and on other BoF dinners.

Ethics change in the e-Newsroom

The American Society of Newspaper Editors’ Kellie Hwang reports on a study by my collegue Phil Meyer (and students including Robin Roger and Gabriel Dance) called “Newspaper Ethics in the New Century.”

Tidbits include:

Editors are more assertive and have more influence on the business side today, while publishers are interfering less with news coverage.

72 percent of newspapers have an anonymous source policy, and 54 percent have recently revamped their policy. 81 percent of anonymous sources are used when there is a ‘clear and overriding public interest in information that cannot be obtained in any other way.’

16 percent increase of female editors since 1982.

Blogs are becoming more influential in newsrooms and editors are much more willing to experiment.

There is little indication that the drive for profit has led to a general decline in ethical standards.

Fred at the Googleplex

Fred Stutzman has been on a West Coast tour from Canada to San Jose. He writes a bit about his trip on his blog, but I want to point you in particular to his talk at the Googleplex on FaceBook.

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