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Date: 5/9/2006

Mark’s Martian Khartoum

Mark sends these images of Khartoum via Skype. It looks like Mars there.

Mothers to consider

The Warren Wilson alum are discussing tales of good mothers. Phil Boiarski suggests revisiting the classic “I Remember Mama”, the movie based on the book “Mama’s Bank Account.”

If we are going back in time to those days of yesteryear, we could look at how some mothers were portrayed in media. say African-American mothers in the dreadedly racist Amos and Andy — but beloved by blacks and whites as Henry Louis Gates notes in “Colored People” — where the Kingfish is in constant fear of not only the wrath of his wife Sapphire but even more the wrath of the Momma. See also this update of the classic as a piece of theater

Less far back in time, the lovely and talented Skeletor returns from a blind date to confront his parents including his talkative mother in this remix of the non-human cartoon on YouTube.

Then there is Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude. Much to be mined there. Perhaps too much.

But my favorite mother is that of Grendel. now there’s one mother!

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