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Date: 5/26/2006

Net Neutrality Passes House Judiciary Committee, 20-13

The list of who voted how is on My Direct Democracy (aka NC Congressmen Watt and Coble need your attention. Watt was not voting and Coble voted against. From more on Net Neutrality see Fiona Morgan’s the recent Independent article and visit Save The Internet.


Fred Stutzman is announcing a BARCampRDU. Check it out. Come on down. Get involved.

5000 creative kids – odyssey of the mind

In Ames Iowa where all the food is white or at best yellow with occassional red smears from tomato sause. Odyssey of the Mind has about 800 teams in the World Competition this year including teams from Kazakstan and from Cuba (Guantanamo Bay the accouncer quickly noted without irony). Irony on the part of the adults is in short supply but in the skits and problem solving by the kids there is plenty of irony, pun and wit.
Dorm life is no life however. Terrible coffee and no wireless on the 8th floor, where we are staying. I gave my ethernet cable away last trip saying “hey I haven’t used this in two years. you can have it.” Now I’m looking for a computer store in Ames ;-> or :-< Ames lovely Cafe Diem is a good second home tho.

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