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Date: 5/31/2006

Mugshot for your own MySpace

Cory, Ryan and Fred are both writing about Red Hat’s new open source social networking release, Mugshot.

The Mugshot developers on their blog are dissing the MySpace claims and making broader and fairly claims about how Mugshot is to be used — like email but more so, says one.

Their Press FAQ is more informative. But this part makes me, a Mac user, sad:

The Mugshot client software is currently available for Windows XP and Linux. The Mugshot web service also offers limited support for Apple OS X and other platforms.

I’m trying to get a login now…

Got one! Thanks David and Havoc.

Chatham Marketplace Opens

Caught Alan Garr and the New Hill Echoes playing at the Grand Opening of Chatham Marketplace, Pittsboro’s answer to Weaver Street Market.

In a way it’s surprising that there was no Chatham Marketplace before now since so much of the produce and dairy we have been buying at Carrboro Farmers’ Market and Weaver Street for years comes from Chatham County and the Pittsboro area.

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