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Date: 6/23/2006

Lyceum Logo and New Release

On the Lyceum Blog/site, JJB alerts us of a new Lyceum Release candidate to try out. And Fred tells us about this wonderful new Lyceum logo:
Lyceum logo

Words are worth a thousand pictures

JOMC’s Laura Ruel reports that the Nielsen Norman Group reports: “Task-oriented users really don’t pay attention to images on Web pages.”

Laura goes on to report that:

According to NNG, images that do NOT attract attention share these traits:

* Generic/stock art
* Off-putting, cold, fake, too polished or “set up”
* Not related to content
* Look like advertisements
* Low contrast in terms of color — not crisp

Meanwhile, images that DO get attention share these traits:

* Related to page content
* Clearly composed and appropriately cropped
* Contain “approachable” people who are smiling, looking at the camera, not models
* Show areas of personal/private anatomy (Men tended to fixate on these areas more than women — really!)
* Items a user may want to buy.


Texas Monthly Cover

David Menconi covers the cover on the NandO Music blog. It would be funnier if the next elections weren’t so serious — even for the do-nothing job of Governor of Texas.

Still I find the Kinkster very funny, very talented and very crazy in the best ways.

NOTE: the Kinky official site tells us that on June 21 Kinky was officially placed on the official ballot having gotten the most officially valid signature of any independent candidate.

Apple Store Opening Tomorrow

Randall Greg of the Raleigh Chronicle made me an offer I can’t refuse. He’ll give me his press pass to the Raleigh Crabtree Apple Store pre-opening tomorrow, if I act like a journalist and write a little for him and the Chronicle about the experience having taken some pictures and asked some questions.

What questions would you ask at an Apple Store opening? Like why has the store opening been delayed for 6 months and what are they doing to prepare for flooding and is it true that Apple tries to keep their openings secret until the last minute to generate interest via viral publicity?

Randall has a pre-opening story in today’s Chronicle.

JCDL – Digital Curation and Institutional Repositories

The highly efficient Carolyn Hanks writes to say:

Nearly sixty people attended our JCDL workshop, Digital Curation and Institutional Repositories, Seeking Success. The workshop agenda and accepted papers can be found at the JCDL 2006 wiki [most papers are in PDF], while the original call for papers can be found at

We are in the process of creating a workshop website that will serve as the future home for these materials, as well as other products that may result from the workshop. Currently, workshop reports are being prepared for inclusion in D-Lib Magazine and the ALCTS Online Newsletter.

Another event from last week was the informal presentation on the Storage Resource Broker (SRB) given by Reagan Moore of the San Diego Supercomputer Center. More on his visit will be posted to the DC/IRC wiki. For now, if you would like to learn more about the Storage Resource Broker (SRB), please
visit their very informational SRB wiki.

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