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Date: 6/24/2006

Phil Dick Android Still Missing

The NY Times covers the case of the missing Phillip K Dick Android head (again). Sally and I were amazed by the PKDA at NextFest in Chicago last summer. Now I feel like I’m reading about the wandering mystery of an old friend.
His disappearance was first reported back in February.

Apple Store Opening – part 2

Why has the store opening been delayed for 6 months?
Khalil said that he had no knowledge that there had beenany delay despite of what had been reported in the News and Observer.

What are they doing to prepare for flooding?
Khalil pointed out that the Apple Store is on the second floor of Crabtree Valley Mall and is not likely to be flooded.

Is it true that Apple tries to keep their openings secret until the last minute to generate interest via viral publicity?
What secret? says Khalil. This store has been two years in the planning and although the first part of the planning was secret as most deals are. Apple certainly hasn’t hidden any stories about the Crabtree Store. It’s been on the Apple site for a while now. But yes, Apple customers are interested because they feel a strong ownership of the Apple brand.

Apple Store Opening – part 1

Was at the Crabtree Valley Mall Apple Store opening this morning. I was there for Randall Gregg’s Raleigh Chronicle trying to commit journalism of a sort. Randall gets first crack at the pictures and the writing, but I’ll link to whatever he uses and then to the pictures that he doesn’t use later.

There as a big crowd of what I would guess was between 300 and 400 people in line by the time the store opened. All enthusiastic and less white male than one might assume.

More once Randall has his picks.

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