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Date: 6/29/2006

New Books on My Shelf

I’ve been reading good literary novels up til lately. Now I’ve picked up the first two “Read Or Die” manga and Vernor Vinge‘s new “Rainbows End.” Any manga that has as its hero, a librarian with special powers over paper is fine by me. And Vinge’s new book, dedicated to Wikipedia, Google and eBay is described, in part, this way on the flap:

As Robert becomes more deeply involved in the conspiracy, he is shocked to learn if a radical change planned for the UCSD Geisel Library; all the books there, and worldwide, would cease to physically exist.

Digital Curation Grant for SILS, ibiblio, UNC Libraries

The Institute of Museum and Library Services announced the recipients of the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program grants. A UNC team that includes will receive over $500k in support of our project, Preserving Access to Our Digital Future: Building an International Digital Curation Curriculum and the Carolina Digital Curation Fellowship Program.

Members in the project include:

Helen Tibbo, Principle Investigator (PI) (for School of Information and Library Science)
Cal Lee, Co-PI (for School of Information and Library Science)
Charlie Green (for ITS)
Paul Jones (for and School of Information and Library Science)
Sarah Michalak (for UNC Academic Libraries)
Natasha Smith (for UNC Academic Libraries)

Tie vote scuttles Net Neutrality (for now)

The Senate Telecommunications Committee voted 11 – 11 not to include the Net Neutrality provisions recommended by Senators Olympia Snowe and Byron Dorgan. There will be more action on the full Senate voting and much lobbying upcoming. Washington Post reports here. And a good brief summary in USA Today.


UPDATE: Senator Wyden puts hold on Telecom Bill Without Net Neutrality.

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