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Apple Store Opening Tomorrow

Randall Greg of the Raleigh Chronicle made me an offer I can’t refuse. He’ll give me his press pass to the Raleigh Crabtree Apple Store pre-opening tomorrow, if I act like a journalist and write a little for him and the Chronicle about the experience having taken some pictures and asked some questions.

What questions would you ask at an Apple Store opening? Like why has the store opening been delayed for 6 months and what are they doing to prepare for flooding and is it true that Apple tries to keep their openings secret until the last minute to generate interest via viral publicity?

Randall has a pre-opening story in today’s Chronicle.

JCDL – Digital Curation and Institutional Repositories

The highly efficient Carolyn Hanks writes to say:

Nearly sixty people attended our JCDL workshop, Digital Curation and Institutional Repositories, Seeking Success. The workshop agenda and accepted papers can be found at the JCDL 2006 wiki [most papers are in PDF], while the original call for papers can be found at

We are in the process of creating a workshop website that will serve as the future home for these materials, as well as other products that may result from the workshop. Currently, workshop reports are being prepared for inclusion in D-Lib Magazine and the ALCTS Online Newsletter.

Another event from last week was the informal presentation on the Storage Resource Broker (SRB) given by Reagan Moore of the San Diego Supercomputer Center. More on his visit will be posted to the DC/IRC wiki. For now, if you would like to learn more about the Storage Resource Broker (SRB), please
visit their very informational SRB wiki.

Tim Berners-Lee on Net Neutrality

Tim Berners-Lee on Net Neutrality – This is serious!
Tim B-L


McGuinn on GuitarPlayerTV

ibiblio contributor and world’s greatest 12 and 7 string guitar player Roger McGuinn is subject of a multipart video interview on GuitarPlayerTV. Roger explains his various roots, describes/shows how he records, he plays 6 string, 7 string, 12 string, 12 string Ric, and banjo, and you get a peek at his transistor radio collection too. A bunch of asides that give insight to the music business are also included. Great stuff. Begin here.
Thanks to Mike Conway for the alert.

Net Neutrality in Computerworld and more

The Net Neutrality proposal I mentioned earlier is getting press in Infoworld, Computerworld, and Networkworld.

Where’s Paul?

If plazes is working right, the above or this link should tell you.

So javascript doesn’t work within WP article posts, but it does work on the template (see map on side bar).

The First Century of the First State University

Documenting the Amercian South lead Natasha Smith writes to say that the 10-year old DocSouth launched its 10th collection – “The First Century of the First State University”:

Documenting the American South
is pleased to announce the launch of our newest collection, “The First Century of the First State University” ( on June 19, 2006. This collection presents a wealth of sources documenting the creation and growth of the University of North Carolina during the period from 1776 to 1875. These primary sources include letters, books, maps, receipts, bills, subscription lists, trustee and faculty meeting minutes, architectural drawings, and catalogs. The collection is grouped into the following topics: the creation and governance of the university, the campus, the university buildings, the curriculum, the faculty, student life, town and gown, the university in the life of the state of North Carolina, and the university during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Read more at

[hosted at]

Net Neutrality proposal from IP Geeks

Is there a place for fresh thinking and new recommendations in the infamous “network neutrality” debate?

Seth Johnson, David P Reed, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Pamela Samuelson, David Weinberger, Andy Oram and others [including me] have issued a new proposal on designed to “Preserve the Internet Standards for Net Neutrality.”

The authors point out that “IP-layer neutrality is not a property of the Internet. It _is_the Internet.” Then go on to say that “Providers certainly should be allowed to develop services within their own networks, treating data any way they want. But that’s not the Internet.”

Explanations are provided for CongressCriters, lawyers and lawmakers and human folks.

N’rleans – related events?

American Library Association annual meeting and redeployment of troops in New Orleans.

Role (or Roll) Models

The Brawny Man has opened Brawny Academy where men can learn to be men. While Connie Chung sets off to show why news and cabaret don’t mix.

Tom Linden takes the State of Things

J-School collegue Dr. Tom Linden will be host of WUNC’s State of Things at the end of this week — Wednesday, Thursday and Friday June 21, 22 and 23. Tom says:

On Wednesday the topic will be the state of HIV/AIDS in North Carolina. Guests will include UNC infectious disease specialist Dr. Peter Leone; Justin Smith, project coordinator for STYLE (an HIV support group); and Evelyn Foust, director, STD /AIDS Prevention Program at the North Carolina Dept. of Public Health.

Thursday, we’ll talk with J. Peder Zane, book review editor for the News & Observer, about a survey he conducted with prominent North Carolina authors in which he asked them to name the most distinguished work of fiction in the past 25 years. His poll followed a similar one posed by the New York Times Book Review section. The contrasts in the two polls are striking.

Friday, we’ll focus on gardening with interviews with local experts. That segment will be followed by a discussion with John Biewen, audio programs director for the Center for Documentary Studies, and some of his students, about their ongoing work.

We’ll end with live music from Cities (Yep Roc Records), a local Chapel Hill band that just released its first album.

Duke Law Comics Authors in Wired

Indy regular Fiona Morgan interviews Jennifer Jenkins, James Boyle and lawyer/artist/professor Keith Aoki for Wired News about their wonderful Bound by Law comic in an article called Battling the Copyright Monster.

Design Science Lab in Asheville

David McConville is interviewed by WPVM about his business, elumenati, and the upcoming Design Science Lab Workshop scheduled for July 19 – 28, 2006.

media ecology bibliography

JJB sends a link to this good basic reading list on Media Ecology.

JCDL Metadata Workshop links and slides

Jane Greenberg writes to tell us that the slides, abstracts and notes from the JCDL Metadata Tools workshop are mostly online.

Light in the Piazza and Spenser on UNC-TV

Our friend novelist Elizabeth Spencer will get some serious on-air attention tonight when UNC-TV runs (after a delay of 3 days) the recorded live performance of “Light in the Piazza” the musical based on her novella by the same name (the show suns locally at 8 pm tonight and ran nationally this past Thursday). At 10:30 pm, UNC-TV will rerun a BookWatch interview with Elizabeth from a couple of years back.

Three curses or blessings of Greene County

Spent Saturday on trip down to Snow Hill in Greene County where Sally had worked on a landfill case. A first trip there for both of us — I may have driven through some decades back. Sally has a good write up of the trip and the events there. What are the curses/blessings of Greene? Landfills. Hog farms (with associated waste problems). Prisons.

Dutch without pants

An exclusive rights deal concerning World Cup beer promotions led to a throng of Dutchmen having to watch Holland vs Ivory Coast game in their briefs. [BBC reports]

Chris Roush of UNC in NYTimes

Chris Roush’s Talking Biz News gets good ink in today’s NYTimes Biz section and accidentally or incidentally brings attention to all of the blogs of the UNC J-School (including this one). NYTimes gives the J-School blogs group page as the source for Chris’s interview with Christopher Carey of Chris Roush deserves all the credit of course.

Dean Griffiths to National Science Board

UNC School of Information and Library Science Dean Jose-Marie Griffiths has been nominated by
President George W. Bush to serve
on the United States National Science Board.

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