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Date: 7/10/2006

Tucker the DJ

Tucker guest DJed on WCOM yesterday and will do his own show as a substitute DJ next Sunday from 2 pm til 4. The show is called “Dance Jam (dance .music from around the world).” The world has mostly been India and the Carribean with some English and a little French music. If you have suggestions, send them on or call in while Tucker is on the air next Sunday.

Jacques Menache at Panzanella

One of the best artist’s bios I’ve read comes from Jacques Menache in this announcement of his show (now up) and reception (tonight) at Panzanella in Carrboro.

ART: Currently at Panzanella:
Jacques Menache-A Retrospective: 1972 – present
Acrylic Paintings and Multi-media Artworks
June 19 through August 20
Artist Reception: Monday, July 10th, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Most pieces are for sale; some are on loan from private collections.

Jacques Menache was born in Paris, France in 1948. He moved to Mexico City in 1955 with his family and attended the University of Mexico’s Academia San Carlos where he studied under Siqueiros and other Mexican muralists. In Mexico, he met Amy Abernethy, a native Chapel Hillian, and moved here in 1969. Jacques first attended NC Central University, then UNC, where he earned a Masters in Fine Arts, graduating in 1973.

In search of a job, Jacques founded the ArtsCenter in Carrboro in 1974. During his 15 years at the ArtsCenter he caused havoc in the community and resigned in the midst of controversy. He became an electrician to make a living outside the arts field.

Looking for more trouble, in September 1999 Jacques Menache opened a Mexican restaurant/Latin-American Cultural Center. He had his first artist retrospective there among the enchiladas, tacos, and salsas. The restaurant closed in September 2002 after three years of drunken fights and excellent dance parties.

In search of a different type of trouble, Jacques and Ruffin Slater (legendary Weaver Street Market General Manager) founded WCOM, a low power, all volunteer community radio station. Who knows where that might lead?

With very little time to keep out of trouble, Jacques manages to create three or four new pieces of art each year. His favorite format is large abstract paintings with complex weaving of lines, often creating moiré patterns and deep layers. On the more playful side Menache likes to create small pieces with found objects, always searching for a social comment.

For inquiries on commissions, sales, or electrical work call: 919 306 2749

Music of Alan Garr and I3

The New Hill Echoes have become Interstate Three. Under that name, they have a new website and four new versions of Alan Garr songs for download.

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