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Date: 7/20/2006

BarCampRDU Pre-Party Friday at Tyler’s Derm!

We’re all wound up about beginning the ending of the week with The BarCampRDU Pre-Party at Tyler’s in the Historic American Tobacco Campus, near the Durham Bulls stadium in Durham.

Here are the details:

Pre-Event Party

* Date and Time: Friday July 21, 7PM-9PM
* Location: Tylers Taproom Durham (American Tobacco Campus, near the Durham Bulls stadium)
* Info: Food and drinks provided.
* Hint: Bring a friend
* Attendee List: BarCampRDUPreEventSignup

* Maps to Tylers Taproom Durham:Google Map to Tyler’s Taproom Durham

The Indians are coming back (in NC)

An Indian
The motorcycle is being reborn in NC.

Richard Thompson wrongly sang:

Now Nortons and Indians and Greeveses won’t do
They don’t have a soul like a Vincent 52

John Edwards and bittorrent on WCHL

Just took a call from WCHL about John Edwards’ use of bittorrent. Does this make bittorrent legit? Actually didn’t need Edwards to make it legit. With OSprey, ibiblio has been using torrents legally, reliably, authoratively and accountably for a good while now. Visit the ibiblio torrent site. No, torrents are not limited to videos and music; we do software, developers’ tools, interviews, etc as well as music and video.

[yap yap yap on my part]

This will run at 5:30 on 1350 WCHL then again in the morning and later on their podcasted website.

Here it is now on from the WCHL site with this text lead-in, “Edwards takes campaign to the World Wide Web”.

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