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Why the Boston Globe needs an RDU office

So’s Geoff Edgers and Carlene Hempel can move back down here. Geoff explains in the Real Estate section of the Globe.

America Gets Fat

An animated map with timeline of the fatness of the good old USA from CDC and MSN. The Old North State has grown to 20 – 24% fatties since the less than 15% in 1992.

Pleasures and Sadness of Writing

Via Danny Rendleman:

One of my greatest pleasures in writing has come from the thought that perhaps my work might annoy someone of comfortably pretentious position. Then comes the saddening realization that such people rarely read.
John Kenneth Galbraith, economist (1908-2006)

Tucker the DJ

Tucker guest DJed on WCOM yesterday and will do his own show as a substitute DJ next Sunday from 2 pm til 4. The show is called “Dance Jam (dance .music from around the world).” The world has mostly been India and the Carribean with some English and a little French music. If you have suggestions, send them on or call in while Tucker is on the air next Sunday.

Jacques Menache at Panzanella

One of the best artist’s bios I’ve read comes from Jacques Menache in this announcement of his show (now up) and reception (tonight) at Panzanella in Carrboro.

ART: Currently at Panzanella:
Jacques Menache-A Retrospective: 1972 – present
Acrylic Paintings and Multi-media Artworks
June 19 through August 20
Artist Reception: Monday, July 10th, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Most pieces are for sale; some are on loan from private collections.

Jacques Menache was born in Paris, France in 1948. He moved to Mexico City in 1955 with his family and attended the University of Mexico’s Academia San Carlos where he studied under Siqueiros and other Mexican muralists. In Mexico, he met Amy Abernethy, a native Chapel Hillian, and moved here in 1969. Jacques first attended NC Central University, then UNC, where he earned a Masters in Fine Arts, graduating in 1973.

In search of a job, Jacques founded the ArtsCenter in Carrboro in 1974. During his 15 years at the ArtsCenter he caused havoc in the community and resigned in the midst of controversy. He became an electrician to make a living outside the arts field.

Looking for more trouble, in September 1999 Jacques Menache opened a Mexican restaurant/Latin-American Cultural Center. He had his first artist retrospective there among the enchiladas, tacos, and salsas. The restaurant closed in September 2002 after three years of drunken fights and excellent dance parties.

In search of a different type of trouble, Jacques and Ruffin Slater (legendary Weaver Street Market General Manager) founded WCOM, a low power, all volunteer community radio station. Who knows where that might lead?

With very little time to keep out of trouble, Jacques manages to create three or four new pieces of art each year. His favorite format is large abstract paintings with complex weaving of lines, often creating moiré patterns and deep layers. On the more playful side Menache likes to create small pieces with found objects, always searching for a social comment.

For inquiries on commissions, sales, or electrical work call: 919 306 2749

Music of Alan Garr and I3

The New Hill Echoes have become Interstate Three. Under that name, they have a new website and four new versions of Alan Garr songs for download.

Squirrels are proof that God is not entirely good

They pulled all the perches out of my old Droll Yankee cylinder feeder. I’ve managed to keep one in after all these years.
They ripped the “squirrel proof” feeder from its hanger. It had worked pretty well. It’s a small cylinder enclosed in a spherical cage. But they threw it to the ground and ripped the lid off of it.
Then when I left for vacation and didn’t fill the feeders, they ripped a hole in the screen of my porch. They came in and tossed seed all over.
So I went down to Wild Birds Unlimited on MLK Blvd. WBU is run by a long lost friend Carl Delamar. When I was in college, I shared a house on Park Ave in Raleigh with Carl. Later he worked at UNC for a while. Now he is a happy bird accessory peddler — a very nice life.
Carl has a nice little selection of squirrel bedeviling feeders, baffles, hangers and the like. I was originally hot for a battery powered Yankee Flipper or a Yankee Whipper. Each of these spins the squirrels off the feeder with a nice degree of force (for the bird lover not so nice for the squirrel) and into space. The Yankee Tipper which also looks like trouble for squirrels has a seed pan/perch that tips over with the weight of a squirrel — no batteries required.
We ended up buying Wild Birds Unlimited’s own Eliminator. It doesn’t send the squirrel to meet his maker, but it does close down when a squirrel grabs the perches.
It’s up now and full of seed and waiting to feed bird and to cut off all squirrels.

Jones to India (in August)

I’ll be in Delhi, India for the Red Hat sponsored IP Symposium to be held August 24 and 25. With luck and planning I hope to visit our Tibetan friends up in McLeod Ganj near Dharamsala. (more on that later). Here’s my assignment:

Panel Discussion: Open Source, Open Access.

  • Jim Wales, Wikipedia
  • Madhukar Sinha, Registrar of Copyrights
  • Subbaiah Arunachalam, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation
  • Paul Jones, University of North Carolina

The philosophy of copyleft has emerged as a powerful and credible alternative to copyright. Where traditional copyright seeks to control and restrict access, copyleft seeks to empower and encourage sharing. The growth
of open source software like Linux, Apache etc and web sites like the online, open source encyclopedia called Wikipedia, iBiblio and many others are examples of this trend. Open Source is built on the tenets of collaboration, community and shared ownership of intellectual resources.

The growth of the Internet opened up unparalleled opportunities for harnessing the contributions of thousands of volunteers across the globe while open source licenses like the General Public License, Creative Commons
License and others created a formal, legal framework for enabling such collaboration. In fact, most of the infrastructure of the Internet is itself based on open source software.

Inspired by the success of Linux, (which has grown from 10,000 lines of source code in September 1991 to over 100 million lines of code today) and other open source efforts, many other disciplines biology, scientific
publishing, films, music etc are now applying the principles of collaboration and sharing within their discipline. Open Source has now moved far beyond the world of software into being a mainstream philosophy and a way of life, a way of life that is in tune with Indian traditions.

This session will examine the relevance of the Open Source philosophy to India’s future as a Knowledge Superpower. Questions that this session can address are:

  1. Does the open source approach open up alternatives to the current IP regimes that are heavily loaded in favor of the West?
  2. Within the Indian socio-economic context, where the knowledge economy needs to reach out to more than a billion people, does open source provide a viable alternative?
  3. Can the open source model encourage greater industry-academia collaboration and accelerate innovation?

As usual suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Also if you have travel tips to India, Delhi, and Dharamsala, please let me know.


I spent Friday morning mourning my car and watching Fox News at the Chrysler dealer. The new take on why the lovely PT was stalling at idle when hot is that the fuel pump was dying. Replace now for $500 (included labor) or drive around all weekend with a pressure gauge on the fuel line to see if the pressure is dropping. I finally opted for the replacement and to get it overwith. If this isn’t the fix, errrrrr.

Adopting the Facebook: Comparative Analysis

Fred has just released a new report on Facebook usage at UNC. In this one, he compares last year’s freshman usage to this year’s freshman usage. One finding: This year’s freshmen has many many more out-of-network friends. Read all about it!

Fair Use Network

SteveB writes to alert us of the new Fair Use Network from the Brennan Center‘s The Free Expression Policy Project. The new website has information and resources to help artists, scholars, activists, and everyone else who contributes to culture and political debate defend their rights to fair use under copyright and trademark law.

Mr Sugar on State of Things (WUNC)

The ever active Anton Zuiker aka Mister Sugar writes:

I’ve posted the details of tomorrow’s State of Things show on WUNC. Listen in on 91.5 FM at noon to hear a discussion about diaries, journals and blogging. I’ll be on in the third part of the show to explain how blogging is similar to and different from written diaries.

It’s a call-in show so call in with smart questions.

You can listen on the net, thanks to ibiblio, at and even pick up the show as a podcast or from the archives (also on ibiblio), but you can only call in if you listen whilst it’s happenin’.

Spatial Literacy of UK Surnames

Joneses are and were mostly Welsh and McDonalds mostly Scotts. But others might be a surprize. CASA has a very amusing and informative database of UK surnames that produces maps and stats of 1881 and 1998 in the UK.

Via Doc Searls whose family name seems to have vanished in those 100+ years.

Lyceum 0.32 released

Lyceum logo
JJB is in NYC but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing the latest milestone of Lyceum — 0.32 and blogging about it on the Lyceum blog.

You can download Lyceum 0.32 now!

And JJB alerts us to notable newcomers to the Lyceum dev scene, Adam Geller and Sean Swayze. Adam is setting up the Teach For America blogs at


Car – Saturn place here cleaned out the carbon left over from before the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve was replaced. You would think that the replacers would have done that. It works great now.

Politics – nice chats this morning with local Council people. Mostly by Sally. While David McConville, Tucker and I talked about computer visualization and electronic story telling and the like.

Food – Last night Zambra‘s wonderful tapas. Breakfast – City bakery. Lunch – Indian buffet at Mela’s with black and white Bollywood playing soundlessly on a large plasma screen.

Break from the heat – An Inconvenient Truth. David has put together a panel of experts to talk about the movie and solutions for next weekend. Lots of people were picking up his flyer about the panel today at the Fine Arts Theatre.

Car Curses

The Brain upgrade of my PT made no difference. I drove to Raleigh on Saturday only to have the car stall at the first stoplight. The trip home was a repeat performance. Drive for 20 minutes on the Interstate. Stall at the first light after getting off. Crank for about 3 – 5 minutes to get restarted. Air con is not a factor one way or the other.

We left the PT at home and took the Saturn to the mountains. But hey this stall is contagious. Sally had had a part replaced about a month ago when the Saturn was dying in much the same way that the PT has been doing. Her car worked great since then. But as soon as we turned off the Interstate for lunch, the Saturn stalled out. Repeat as soon as we hit Asheville. Yikes!

Part of our vacation here will be at the Saturn dealer. Could it be the ignition coil (like the CarTalk guys guess here)?

Exercise with Poodles

Even odder than you might expect

Eclipse 3.2 Callisto is here!

Callisto is here John writes to alert us that Eclipse 3.2 also known as Callisto is out and ready for download. The best way to get Callisto is via BitTorrent from’s which John set up with Osprey.
John and the ibib-torrent site gets great props (and the offer of a beer) on the Eclipse Blog. The ibiblio Eclipse site gets top billing on the Eclipse Downloads page as well.

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