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Date: 8/8/2006

In the footsteps of Xeni

Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing has a blog, radio show segments on NPR and more about her trip from Delhi to Dharamsala (and beyond).

I’ll be on the first leg of pretty much the same trip in only two weeks.

I appreciate any traveler’s hints or must-sees that you list — email me, AIM, Gtalk, Gizmo, Skype or leave a comment.

Part of my time will be visiting with the folks from the Tibetan Technology Center, the Tibetan Children’s Villages, Tibetan Multi-Education Center and Tibetan sites hosted at

In Delhi, I’ll be at the Red Hat (India) and Indian Institute of Technology Symposium “Owning the Future” about Open Source etc as you might have guessed.

Streaming from MCNC

We’ve moved about half the ibiblio bandwidth over to our new servers at our new location at MCNC. Ken and Don really did a fine job on the move and in the process did a lot of cleaning up of streaming set ups and the like. All in all, the move went fairly smoothly. All the stations and all the ibiblio sites that rely on streaming are working reliably and we should be able to even handle additional listeners and perhaps another radio station now.
We’ve moved up the connection stream which should have some positive effects for our various listeners. Local access points are peered in the same room as our servers! Not to mention the cost savings that we are already realizing.
We have some changes in the network set up to be done at MCNC that could prove to be interesting. And some collaboration on mesh and peer-to-peer streaming experiments in the wings.
We’ll also be among the first using National Lambda Rail in a service as well as research capacity.
Woo Woo! And much thanks to Ken and Don who were up late last night.

Courtney at Wired’s Al Gore Event

I couldn’t take Chris Anderson up on his invite to run up to NY City for Wired‘s showing of Inconvenient Truth. I needed to be in Ames, Iowa for the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals. So’s I passed my invite on to the lovely and talented Courtney Pulitzer who wrote up the event on her Cyber Scene blog. It’s a great write up so check it out. Her newsletter today reminded me to check back up on her report and see her pictures.

Tony Millionare’s Sock Monkey Animation

from Dark Horse and TransBuddha – It’s here and it’s great! Sock Monkey! on Transbuddha

Secret Diary of Steve Jobs to Return?

Steve writes in the comments of the only post remaining on the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs blog:

Mystic SteveDudes, I had no idea this blog was getting read so widely. I’m being held in captivity during the WWDC — scary story of rendition etc., which will be my firt new post. Anyway, I will relaunch soon, not sure where yet. Will keep you friggin informed. Like, with a post here or whatever. And FYI this is NOT an Apple publicity stunt. You really don’t think they have that much sense of humor, do you?
Fake Steve.

5:40 AM

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