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Date: 8/11/2006

Jones is History (Channel)

Joe Newberry, great banjoist and NC Department of Cultural Resources bureaucrat, asked me to be part of a set of interviews with the History Channel next week. So’s on Wednesday just before lunch, I’ll head over to the American Tobacco Historic District and tape a discussion with them. We’ll talk about NC’s early showing on the Internet, NC related history projects on like DocSouth, volunteer history projects like the Pearl Harbor Archives and HyperWar, music collections including the folk music index and perhaps the FolkDen and (since both have an NC part to them).

If you have other suggestions, lemme know.

JJB on Long Tail Party, Lyceum in Chinese, ZeFrank on Fear

JJB was at the Long Tail Book Launch on my behalf. He and Ben Hammersly went on over to Wired for the throw down and JJB reports here.

Lyceum has an install in China where folks are blogging in Chinese as well as English.

Ze Frank lays it down about fear.

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