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Date: 8/13/2006

Lordi loved in Finland; Dumber than ever

Stories are all over the news about how the Finns are reaching out in pride to their Eurovision winning latex-wearing monster band, Lordi. Even one report that there will be Lordi stamps soon.

Lordi, the leader of Lordi, has things in perspective when he says “Being a hero is easy: you just have to win the Eurovision Song Contest, apparently. Until a few weeks ago the whole nation was against us totally — they did not want us to represent Finland. Now all the magazines in Finland are printing Lordi masks for children. There’s not much logic going on inside. But let’s face it, people are stupid.” (quoted from a story by Dan Bilefsky in the International Herald Tribune)

Speaking of stupid, the new Lordi song “Who’s Your Daddy?” makes their “Hard Rock Halelujah” sound like a complex ELO song with Bob Dylan lyrics. The video is a sex change on the oppression of Goths. This time a letter jacket wearing boy band-ish lad gets the Lordi abuse instead of cheerleaders. But Lordi had much more budget to spend on fireworks and sparklers this time out. And it all takes place in a roller disco!

Too good to pass up! Especially good in this live version but Lordi in the daytime means no fireworks and much less set. A plus is that you can see the costumes and those funky boots better.

Shava of TOR (and EFF)

Just got a note from Shava Nerad of FreeHaven and TOR (the Onion Router) an EFF sponsored project on anonymity. She has a blog going on the project and the subject at Harvard Law.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen Shava — Okay I did see her briefly at the BeyondBroadcast conference at Harvard — but it had been years before that. She’ll be in town next week and we hope to catch up with each other after I do my History Channel bit.

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