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Date: 8/15/2006

Rich Beckman on State of Things

JOMC collegue photographer and multimedia developer, Rich Beckman talks about being in Chile out on Selkirk’s [also known as Robinson Crusoe’s] Island today on the air and later on the archives of WUNC-FM’s State of things. [mp3]

Chasing Crusoe: Three hundred years ago Alexander Selkirk opted to be marooned on an island rather than endure his English captain. His four-year long adventure inspired the classic novel Robinson Crusoe. Last spring a group of students from UNC-Chapel Hill returned to the island, four hundred miles off the coast of Chile, to document the legacy of Robinson Crusoe. Host Frank Stasio talks with Prof. Rich Beckman and graduate student Jay Heinz about the project. For more information, see: [this is the cool multimedia (flash) sight made there on the Island with games and 3-d images and photo essays etc] Rest in Peace

The un-updated box that was down in Jo’burg is dying and being put out of its misery — on pretty short notice.

The Sunsite web server is to be shut down in the near future. We regret to inform you that we are no longer able to host your web site http://www.[xxxx].za/ and alternative arrangements will have to be
made for your web hosting. Your site will be removed from the server as of this Friday (18th August). Please reply if you would like a backup of your web site files to be provided for you.

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