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Date: 8/17/2006

Tibetans in Wired and Slashdot and more

Xeni Jardin has followed her NPR coverage of Wireless Exiled Tibetans to Wired News with an expanded story featuring Yael Ben-David and Phuntsok Dorjee.

That’s been picked up at SlashDot in the Hardware area where there is a lot of discussion of the wireless and of dealing with Bad Monkeys.

And of course she always covers her own articles over on boing boing which helps me find them.

By the time I get there they’ll be too famous to talk with me ;->

Tucker to DJ Sunday on WCOM-LP

Readers of this blog who seem to be too shy to comment have stopped me and asked “When will Tucker be DJing again.” Fear not, o shy ones! Tucker and his friend Henry G will DJing the DanceJam on Sunday August 20 from 2 pm to 4 pm on WCOM-LP Community Radio 103.5. Yes you can listen online

As someone who plays a lot of 2 Tone music: Specials, English Beat, Selector and Madness, Tucker is disappointed that the upcoming Beat/Specials/Selector show at the Cat’s Cradle on September 26 isn’t an all ages show.

India on the horizon

Owning the Future

Taking off Monday for India for the “Owning the Future” Symposium and to visit ibiblio contributors in Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj. Xeni has managed to mention three of the folks I’ll be visiting — Phuntsok Dorjee, Lobsang Wangyal and others — on her blog. Now I have an idea what some of them look like ;->

Red Hat Magazine covers BarCampRDU (and shares ibiblio love)

Red Hat Magazine
Bascha Harris has the best coverage of BarCampRDU that I’ve seen yet in Red Hat Magazine. And not just because I get quoted a lot either. She gets the essence and the background of it all:

160 attendees, 49 sessions, many hours, and several glowing reviews later… the camp was a success.

Glad she counted ;-> It seems so massive but with such a great community giving support it was pretty easy. Fred certainly busted ass to make BarCampRDU happen and it happened very well.

Gabriel Dance: King of the NYTimes Front Page

Former ibiblian Gabriel Dance sends the links to all the stuff he’s worked on that has made the NYTimes Front Page. Very impressive and sounds like fun too. Not as much as working at ibiblio tho ;->

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