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Date: 8/23/2006

Fred on NPR (someplace but not here)

Fred writes on his blog that he’ll be on the NPR show Radio Times tomorrow talking about social networks. Radio Times isn’t carried locally to Chapel Hill (or to Delhi for that matter), so you need to hear it on the web at the WHYY Radio Times site.

TODAY at 5:30 pm – Dance for a Free-dancing Carrboro

I can’t dance (sang Tom T Hall) cuz I’m not in Carrboro but half way round the world. But if you are anywhere near Carrboro, you need to dance and you need to do it today at 5:30 pm EDT.

Just got this note from a number of friends:

It’s a Carrboro scandal…and Carrboro residents are dancing back…Wednesday, August 23, 5:30 pm…

Last week Carr Mill Mall manager Nathan Milian told Bruce Thomas, dancer extraordinaire, that he could no longer dance on the “private property” of Weaver Street Market’s lawn. Read for a more complete story.

Today, Weaver Street Market and Carr Mill Mall put out a press release with their “solution” to this PR fiasco: a new program called “Live on the Lawn.” These scheduled events will feature performers who apply at Weaver Street Market and are “approved” by Carr Mill. The press release says there “will be a limit of one performance per week per artist or group.”

Personally, I don’t dance once a week. I dance when I want to. I want Bruce to dance when and where he wants to. Please come help us make this point: TOMORROW, TODAY Wednesday, August 23, 5:30 pm.

Bring instruments. Bring your dancing shoes! Bring your friends.

Tibetan Wireless on ABC News

Phuntsok skypes to say namaste and to say that ABC News just ran a story on Wireless in Dharamsala by Xeni. Many of the same pictures and much the same story but to a different audience than Wired, Boingboing or even NPR.

Creative Future?

Driving around Delhi — okay being driven around Delhi — when I saw a large poster with a “copyright” symbol on it and the words “Creative Future.” Turns out to be an advert for a contest sponsored by the Creative Future School of the the British Council; the award is a scholarship for creative business people under 35 in the fields of : advertising, architecture, crafts, designer fashion, film and video, interactive leisure software including computer games, music, performing arts – comedy, dance, theatre and the like, photography, publishing, radio, software, television, traditional Indian art forms, and visual arts.

Twenty young people with a business idea in the creative sector will be selected to take part in the Creative Future School at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore in August. There they’ll learn how to structure their business proposition, develop their networking skills, understand what an investor is looking for and hear from successful creative entrepreneurs about how they have built their businesses. The faculty will include senior academics from IIMB, leading figures from creative businesses in India and the UK and other experts.

The contest is a sort of RockStar/Idol competition for young Indian entrepreneurs. Whilst all of the pursuits are creative, all of them are somehow restricted in their creativity by broad restrictive intellectual property laws. You will need Windows Media to appreciate part of the Creative Future site.

Remember I’m here for the “Owning the Future: Ideas and Their Role in the Digital Age” symposium.

In an additional irony, The Hindu announced that “The Government will take the lead in popularising free software, Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan said on Monday. Free software emerged as a force which could be used for growth and development” while reporting on `Free software for Kerala’s development,’ organised by the IT Mission and the Society for Promotion of Alternate Computing and Employment (SPACE) here which featured a talk by FSF’s Richard Stallman.

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