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Date: 9/8/2006

PT Saga – Not the Power Train Control Module

I came back from India, hopped in my PT, drive to pick up some stuff and stalled (again). Called the dealer. They called Chrysler in the Sky.
We heard from on high: Replace the Power Train Control Module.
Since this part is covered by the 8 year/80K mile warranty, I liked it.
But last night I picked up the car with its new Power Train Control Module. I drive 3 miles on the Interstate.
As I pulled off on the ramp, I disengaged the clutch. I lost powersteering almost immediately. The engine stalled.
I roll started the PT. Whew!
But it stalled at the next light. Again about 3 minutes to restart.

So Chrysler in the Sky, it’s not the Power Train Control Module.

Back in on Monday morning.

Work done so far: 60K mile tuneup, clean the throttle housing etc, firmware upgrade, power steering pressure sensor, fuel pump, EGR (exhaust gas recovery), multi-switch and shift cable (these not really a candidates), powertrain control module. Also drove around with Co-Pilot installed.

ibiblio final move to MCNC tonight

Don spells out the details on the ibiblog. Briefly, parts of ibiblio will be off-line this evening. After that and before Saturday morning, we’ll no longer have ibiblio servers hosted at UNC-CH. All of ibiblio will be hosted at MCNC. Why?: Better. Cheaper. Faster. And more reliable.

Ask danah boyd about Social Networking!

You can ask questions in advance to Social Networking researcher danah boyd!
An addition to the danah boyd visit announcement [Thursday, Sept 14, 2 pm, Toy Lounge]:

Our discussion will be structured by audience questions. Attendees are invited to submit questions in advance. Questions may be posted as comments to the blog post noted below, or submitted to Fred Stutzman at
fred at We’ll structure a discussion that will be open and wide-ranging from your questions.

Full description and question submission information here:

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