Over the weekend, all of ibiblio moved out to our new hosting facilities at MCNC. It’s just a little ways down the road, but we have much more room, much faster access, better connectivity, etc.
We also have a few road bumps during the move. The most of the problems have to do with DNS changes and propagation. All of our IP numbers changed and coordinating the various places at which these are kept and announced was and is more than just a technical problem.
As I write this, I can connect to most all of the ibiblio sites I’ve tried and I’m even getting faster response then when the servers were right here on campus only a few buildings away.
But some sites, especially those who handle their own DNS and some that are database driven are having trouble. We’re working with those folks — etree.org, worldmusiccentral, and others — to relieve those problems.
Don and Ken spent a good part of their waking hours (which were themselves reduced) going between MCNC and UNC this weekend. Jonathan has been great at keeping some dialogue going on with the various site managers.
Bear with us, but do let us know if you encounter problems.