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Date: 9/13/2006

PT Sage – Cured?

It’s back! This time the Chrysler folks brainstormed and then took the advice that Dan posted here in Comments. They replaced the camshaft and crankshaft sensors. They kept the car and drive it all over. One guy took his life into his hands and drive it to Burlington. It kept on working. So far so good. But then it never stalled for them in the past either.
I drove the PT home in the rain and it was great. Just like old times. Have to wait for a warm clear day to really test it out. But I feel positive.

I Love Mountains

Too bad that so many of them are getting their heads cut off by strip mining. Matthew Gross showed me which not only makes a strong case for what we’re losing and at what scale, but it makes smart use of Google Earth (in the multimedia section) to show you the scale of the loss. You too can zoom over the Eastern mountains and see how grey and treeless some have become. Other good use of multimedia to tell the story there as well.

Added bonus:
There’s an MP3 on the site of Willie Nelson singing Bob Dylan’s Blowing in the Wind.

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