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Date: 9/19/2006

When in History?

Or better when on History Channel? Inquiring minds (and relatives) have been asking: You did this take with Heather Hesketh for the History Channel a month or so back and we haven’t seen the show yet. When will it air?

I wanted to know too. I heard sometimein 2007. Now I have a letter from the good folks at the Department of Cultural Resources telling me that they hear that it’ll run in June, 2007.

Google’s Craig Silverstein at UNC 10/26

Craig Silverstein
Who: Craig Silverstein, Google Tech Director (and 3rd employee)

When: Thursday, October 26, 4 – 5:30 pm
Where: Medical Biomolecular Research Building

Sponsor: Health Sciences Library

Registration (required) and Additional info:

Panelists to respond: Dean Jose-marie Griffiths, Dean Barbara Rimer, Fred Stutzman, Librarian Carol Jenkins, and Paul Jones

Questions for Craig may be submitted in advance

Google logo designers reject Talk-like-a-Pirate logo

Hit be so sad; hit makes me heart quake like a tub in a storm. No logo! But a great rejection letter.

ConvergeSouth – October 13

Ed Cone writes to remind us of Greensboro’s premier blog/culture/technology gathering, ConvergeSouth, to be held Friday and Saturday October 13 and 14.

Amongst those attending and leading sessions will be:
Elizabeth Edwards of OneAmerica Committee
Jim Rosenberg aka Mr. Sun
Lex Alexander – The Greensboro Model
Robert Scoble – 10 Ways to a Killer Blog
Maryam Scoble – Maryamie
John Robinson – Editor, News & Record
Allen Johnson – N&R Editorial Page Editor
Daniel Rubin – Philadelphia Inquirer
Bill Wood – NC A&T Help Desk Manager
And of course Ed hisself.

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