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Date: 9/28/2006

Elizabeth Edwards and (Virtual) Community

WUNC carried a story this morning about Elizabeth Edwards and her new book, Saving Graces. Edwards writes that email groups for grieving parents were an important support community for her. Her physical community and her virtual communities both play an important in her working with her grief.

WUNC describes the show this way:

Former North Carolina Senator and Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards appeared on national television yesterday. But Edwards wasn’t campaigning for office or talking about fighting poverty, he appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show in a supporting role only. His wife, Elizabeth Edwards, was the main attraction. Mrs. Edwards has written a memoir about her rich life, a devastating loss and the power of community. Rusty Jacobs reports.

You can listen to it here [mp3].

Question Me via Wiki – Berry College talk

On October 19th, I’ll be down in Georgia at Berry College speaking as part of the Evans Speaker Series. I have a topic, but I decided to try out the “ask me questions on a wiki” technique to provide focus on that topic and to make sure that I at least touch on the points that folks down there feel are important. Yes, I’ll probably use some of my speaker’s prerogative to bring up issues that may have escaped discussion down there. What I definitely want to do is to not leave concerns unaddressed. I can learn from what used to be called the audience and I can even prepare to be a better speaker and more of a participant in a conversation that will continue with me as I travel and without me among the folks there in Georgia.

The wiki is available here.

What: Evans Speakers Series: Expression, Repression & Association: What happens when intellectual property laws, social networks and privacy collide
When: Thursday, October 19, 2006 – 7-8:30 p.m.
Where: Science Auditorium, Berry College, Mount Berry, Georgia

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